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New Waterproofing Technique for walls

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Waterproofing of Dams, Tanks and Pond's

Leaking dams are a huge costly problem for farmers. EPDM lining of dams and water tanks are the long term solution in water harvesting for human and farming needs.

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Waterproofing of Box Gutters

Waterproofing of box gutters is a common challenge due to failing systems over time. The EPDM Membrane is an effective solution to this challenge due to the ease in application around 90 degree corners, and the elongation and UV resistant characteristics  

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Waterproofing of roof protrusions e.g. pipes, flue's, fans, etc.

Carlisle Syntec has in their product range the Pressure-Sensitive Elastoform Flashing that is used to waterproof any roof protrusions. This product is easily malleable and highly adaptable to irregular shapes and surfaces.

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Waterproofing of low-slope, flat roofs and decks.

EPDM rubber membrane is scientifically developed to waterproof low-slope and flat roofs and decks that require no maintenance, that is 100% UV resistant, has 465% elongation, is totally green and have a 20 year guarantee. 

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Some of our projects

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